About Teatercentrum

Teatercentrum (“Theatre Centre”) is a competence center for distribution and dissemination of professional theatre for young audiences.

Teatercentrum is a self-governing institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture and has a board consisting of five members. One appointed by the Ministry of Culture, one by Danmarks Teaterforeninger (DT), one by Kommunernes Landsforening (KL) and two by Dansk Teater.

Our activities

Teatercentrum disseminates knowledge about theatre for young audiences and itinerant theatre through:

  • KLAP – Theatre For Young Audiences (formerly known as the ‘Aprilfestival’) – the annual children’s theatre festival in Denmark. This festival has existed since 1971 and is actually the biggest of its kind in the world.
  • Teateravisen – a web-portal dedicated to theatre for young audiences.
  • Den Røde Brochure (“The Red Brochure”) – a comprehensive catalogue with detailed information about theatres in Denmark that perform for young audiences. This catalogue is published once a year.
  • Networking

Other dissemination inititatives include a number of methods that can be used to initiate dialogue before and after a theatre experience.

We provide information about…

  • theatres that perform for young audiences
  • touring theatres
  • how to get performances financed (the 50% reimbursement system)
  • how to cope with the practical problems related to arranging theatre performances

We have also an advisory role…

  • we can assist buyers that need advice on choosing a performance that suits their special needs
  • we can advice the Danish Ministry of Culture, county and district authorities and individuals in matters concerning theatre for young audiences

In addition, Teatercentrum has many years of experience in organising conferences and talks on themes related to theatre for young audiences.

Teatercentrum also houses the Danish branch of ASSITEJ, the World Theatre Network of Theatre for Children and Young People.

More Information

Søren Kristoffer Kløft / sk@teatercentrum.dk / +45 4075 6902